Godfrey’s musings: The mainstream media is full of fake news (Part 16)

Long before Trump’s attack on “fake news” in certain medias, “fake news” has been nothing new.  The mass media has never been about just news reporting, but has always been a tool for advocating certain views to the masses.  This includes advertising, marketing, propaganda, public relations, and political communication.  In short, mass media is about what certain interest groups want you to know.

The news never tell you the full picture

I don’t want to attack certain media outlets, but it is just a fact of life that the mass media are powerful tools controlled by certain tycoons.  The mass media are tools for them to influence the masses to think a certain way.  They tell you things which perpetuate the system which drives you to help them make profit or serve their means.  When was the last time a news outlet has exposed the “truth” against their own self-interests?

People want to hear what they want to hear

The media is not entirely to blame.  The public only wants to hear what they want to hear.  Most people don’t want to know the truth.  They don’t care for the real reasons behind certain events.  The public doesn’t care for analysis, but sensational reporting, and what makes them happy.  The reality is that the masses are merely pawns of the certain interest groups which propagate sublimal messages in what they call “news.”

Fragmentation of society gives rise to fake news

As society becomes more and more fragmented, people no longer want to read about honest reporting.  People want to hear what serves them, hence, the rise of “fake news.”  “Fake news” aren’t all necessary “fake,” but are only selective reporting which lead the readers to certain conclusions which they have already formed.  Many “fake news” media outlets perpetuate the very radical thoughts of certain members of society.

I don’t want to point fingers, but the inevitable truth is that “truth” does not sit well with capitalism.  “Truth” challenges the very social structure which those at the top of the pyramid of our society control and wish to perpetuate.  I’m guessing that this blog post is probably not that interesting to read, but is merely my personal rant against certain media outlets which inevitably never tell readers the truth because it’s never been in their interests to do so.  


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