Godfrey’s musings: Many guys are not wearing a suit properly (Part 15)

I never thought that I’d write an article on how to wear a suit.  But I see far too many guys not wearing one properly.  Granted, there’s no “proper” way of wearing a suit.  “Fashion” by definition is fluid.  But wearing a suit sloppily is not redefining fashion — one is simply defining himself as being sloppy.  Think Harvey Specter in Suits.  He’s dressed to win, be it a billion-dollar M&A deal, or a woman’s heart.

1. The jacket shoulder should hug the shoulder just right


The shoulders are the most important parts of the jacket.  The shoulder lines of the jacket should correspond with your natural shoulder width.  The shoulder lines should hug your shoulders just right and the padding should never protrude.

2. Jacket sleeve should show half an inch of shirt linen


When your arms are straight, there should be about half an inch of your shirt sleeve showing.  There’s no hard and fast rule and there’s no need to measure this.  There should always be some sleeve showing, though not the entire cuff.

3. The length of your trousers should be just right


Traditionally, the cuff of the trousers should just touch the top of the shoe, and the back rest just above the heel.  But recently, it has become fashionable to have no “break” at all (i.e. shortened trousers for a more tapered fit).  This is a matter of taste.

4. The tip of your tie should just touch your belt buckle


Don’t wear the tie too short or you’ll look like a clown.  Not too long either, because you’ll look lazy.  The tip of the tie touching the belt buckle should be just about right.  Contrary to “fashionistas,” I think thick silk ties convey maturity.  Lose the skinny tie.

5. Don’t wear loafers with a dress suit unless you’re sure


Non-laced shoes, or loafers, are casual shoes, not to be worn with a dress suit.  However, in recent times there’s been more formal looking loafers suitable for business casual.  But if you’re going to a black tie affair, you can’t go wrong with the black oxford.

6. Please don’t ever wear super skinny pants to office


Finally, don’t ever wear super skinny pants with a dress suit, unless you’re trying to be a hipster.  Super skinny pants may be a fashion statement, but unless that’s your purpose, wear it in the mall or the club.  Don’t wear it to work unless you’re a supermodel.

The above are just some of the most obvious things that I want to point out.  I’m not saying that you must follow the above “rules,” because there are in fact no rules in fashion.  But what I’m trying to do is give some pointers for those who would benefit knowing how to dress appropriately for the occasion.  First impressions are extremely important and how you dress conveys a lot about you. 


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