Godfrey’s musings: Ladies, meet Jia Jia, your worst nightmare of the future (Part 13)

Last year, a Chinese university debuted “Jia Jia”, a human-like android.  Jia Jia’s creators said that the robot was able to chat, display emotion through facial expressions, move its body and even know its location.  Jia Jia took 3 years to build.  Just yesterday, Jia Jia was invited to an English interview with an American journalist through Skype.

Jia Jia’s looks more impressive than her intelligence

However, Jia Jia stumbled on some basic questions, such as the number of letters in the English alphabet.  Though, she was able to answer where the Great Wall of China was – “China.”  It appears that Siri remains to be the more intelligent woman, though Jia Jia would definitely win in the looks department.  Maybe that is all that matters.

Jia Jia may have a market in a vacuum of relationships

Jia Jia, dubbed the “robot goddess,” is a sensation not for her intelligence, but her looks.  There is no question about that.  After 3 years of development, it seems that her creators spent more time doing her makeup than improving her artificial intelligence.  This is not surprising, as a Chinese AI engineer “married” a female robot earlier this month.

Jia Jia to fill in void in search of meaningful relationships

In today’s day and age, where people of the internet generation are experiencing difficulty in building meaningful relationships with others, Jia Jia might just find herself a special place.  The search for relationships may just be a driving force behind AI projects like Jia Jia, who made the news for her appearance rather than intelligence.

This driving force behind Jia Jia reflects the demand for emotional needs which many people are no longer able to satisfy.  Look no further than our own society where many people understand the difficulty in finding a meaningful relationship, in a society driven by greed, materialism, and power.  Emotional needs are often foregone for their materialistic desires.  Where we are going, it would not be long until we will start seeing improved versions of Jia Jia become human companions.


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