On relationships: Hong Kong women choose money over love (Part 12)

That’s what a poll conducted by the YWCA last year shows.  In that poll, 1,451 Hong Kong women were surveyed, in which most participants chose money to be the most important factor of their well-being.  Money was more important than love, which was the second most important.  The third most important was marriage.

The most and least desirable husbands

According to the poll, the most desirable professions for prospective husbands are:-

  1. Professional
  2. Entrepreneur / Businessman
  3. Administrative staff

And the least desirable professions for prospective husbands are:-

  1. Driver
  2. Construction worker
  3. Athlete

What the pollsters think the results mean

The pollsters believed that as women become more educated, it was natural that they considered money more important than love.  But this cannot be correct.  What about women who aren’t as educated – do they value money any less?  I think the answer is not about education or equal-opportunity, but their value judgment.

What mothers teach their daughters

How many mothers teach their daughters that they have to find a rich husband?  Or they have to do well in school so they earn more money and have ‘better’ futures?  Both scenarios are premised on the assumption is money is king.  When was the last time you came across a mother teaching her daughter that having a kind heart was most important?

Based on the results, the so-called researchers concluded that faced with uncertain economic outlook, women feel the need to manage their money to prepare for bad times.  But how is finding a desirable / well-to-do husband related to managing their own money?  I only see this as managing other people’s money, unless we abide to the special law of women: “Money belonging to a woman should be rightfully hers; and money belonging to a man should also be rightfully hers.”


One thought on “On relationships: Hong Kong women choose money over love (Part 12)

  1. To be honest, this is good. Better to choose someone successful than to trust only in the animal instinct. Those who rely purely on temporary feelings end up repenting in the future.

    The problem is that many women just want a rich guy, even if it is by inheritance, they dont want to build a life together with guys who are smart but not born in rich families.


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