Godfrey’s musings: If Trump can be President… (Part 11)

“You’re fired!”

Love him or hate him.  To his supporters, he gives hope to those who are feeling increasingly alienated by the establishment.  To his opposition, he is exactly what’s wrong with society.  Many years ago, when he indicated his intention to run for President, he was mocked across the board.  “Trump has decided to run for President… as a joke!” one comedian said in front of Obama.  Obama and his staff laughed so hard the earth shook.  Who has the last laugh now?

In his world, Trump is destined for greatness

I believe we can all learn from Trump.  Trump does not believe in failure.  To him, obstacles are merely temporary set backs from his inevitable success.  Resistance is futile, as he is destined for greatness – at least in his mind.  This I think is what kept him going over the years.  It’s exactly his disillusion with “failure” which has made him “successful.”  My logic is that if he has 20% for success, then he will try no less than 5 times so he ought to succeed.

If Trump can do it, then maybe you can too

When I see young people who lack confidence question themselves, I often use Trump as an example.  “If Trump can become President, then you can certainly achieve your goals.”  Make no mistake.  Trump has done what people thought as the impossible.  And I buy it.  Over my life, I have spent many days, months and years worrying.  But as friend once told me a saying, “If it can be fixed, then no need to worry;  and if it can’t be fixed, then certainly no need to worry.

“Do… or do not.  There is no try.”

Do… or do not.  There is no try,” said the wise Master Yoda.  My point is that worrying isn’t going to help you achieve your goals.  If you have 1% of succeeding, then do it no less than 100 times.  Another friend of mine really wanted a certain job.  What she did was apply as an intern, but she took up as many tasks as she could which were done by associates.  “Fake it till you make it,” she said.  When there was an opening for an associate, she was first in line.

We are our worst enemies.  In this life, no one can stop us from greatness.  Only ourselves.  We must believe that we are able to make a difference in our lives.  Don’t worry about other people telling you what you’re doing is impossible.  Use their doubts as your motivation to prove them wrong.  Thank them.  I’m not telling you to make Hong Kong great again, yet.  For now, let’s focus on making your life great again.


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