Little Hong Kong: Jasper Tsang’s politics quiz – how many can you get right? (Part 19)

Now that Jasper Tsang has retired from being the President of LegCo and has decided not to run for Chief Executive (CE) after his good “friend” advised him that Beijing will not back him, Tsang is now enjoying life as a retiree.  This Thursday, Tsang presented a 10 question quiz in his column in AM730 newspaper.  Below is his quiz translated into English.

1. Who will be the next CE? 

A. John Tsang
B. Carrie Lam
C. Woo Kwok-hing
D. None of the above

2. Why do opinion polls say John Tsang is more popular than Carrie Lam?

A. Because the central government only supports Lam
B. Because Lam was a close partner of CY Leung
C. Because Lam was so busy working that she didn’t have time for Facebook
D. Because the polls were conducted by the opposition

3. Why did Carrie Lam submit way more nominations than 150 as required?

A. Because she’s far better than other candidates
B. Because she’s far more hardworking than other candidates
C. Because many electors wanted to support her
D. Because a “powerful agency” helped her

4. Why do some people say that “the ballot papers will be sent to the Mainland for fingerprints analysis”?

A. Because they want to discredit the relevant departments
B. Because they’re concerned about the laxity of the Electoral Office
C. Because some electors vote irresponsibly and must be warned
D. Because there’s no fingerprint technology in Hong Kong

5. Why was the 2015 political reform package not approved?

A. Because the opposition did not accept the “8.31” decision
B. Because the central government refused to make concessions to the opposition
C. Because pro-establishment legislators were so busy that they went “off track”
D. Because no one wants to see universal suffrage

6. Why is the next government not willing to restart the political reform?

A. Because the last one “failed” and they don’t want it “fail” again
B. Because the next CE is very committed
C. Because the next CE is not very committed
D. Because still no one wants to see universal suffrage

7. Which of the main officials of the current government will stay for the next term?

A. All will stay
B. All will not stay
C. Only those with higher popularity ratings than the CE will stay
D. Only those with lower popularity ratings than the CE will stay

8. Why does the Basic Law not require the judges of the HKSAR to be Chinese citizens?

A. Because there are not enough Chinese judges in Hong Kong
B. Because the HKSAR follows the judicial system left by the British
C. Because foreign judges are more just than Chinese judges
D. Because the people who drafted the Basic Law believe in foreign slavery

9. What are the similarities between prominent pro-Beijing figures Maria Tam Wai-chu and Chan Wing-kee?

A. Their level of loyalty to the country and Hong Kong
B. Their level of authenticity in explaining the central government’s policies
C. Their level of trust from the central government
D. Their level of popularity amongst Hong Kong people

10. Why was CY Leung appointed as vice-chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)?

A. Because the central government fully endorses and highly rates his work
B. Because the central government’s very appreciative that he didn’t seek re-election
C. Because being CPPCC vice-chairman will allow him take care of his family better
D. Because there is no vacancy of CPPCC chairmanship


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