Godfrey’s musings: Why I blog (Part 9)

Time flies.  It’s been one month already since I’ve started my blog. This past month, I have received an enormous amount of support.  Thank you for all your kind messages, feedback and support from friends, family, colleagues and even new friends I’ve met through this blog.  I also thank those who’s always believed in me, especially my girlfriend Evelyn.  No words can describe my gratitude.

Expressing emotions where society appears to be broken 

My mission is to reach out to my fellow HongKongers.  In each of my posts, I try to tell a story, one which we are all characters.  I hope that through my words, I’m able to convey some of your thoughts and emotions which you may not be able to express due to all sorts of reasons.   I want to provide a place for us to understand one another better, when society appears to be all the more broken.

You refuse to give up in the face of brokenness 

But as the world shatters, there is hope.  We may be emotionally and spiritually broken, but we are still alive in this world.  The fact that you’re reading this means you are unwilling to accept this world as it is.   You want to make this world better – at the very least, make your reality better, so you can live a better life.   You read in deviance in accepting your fate, despite that we live in an imperfect world.

We live in an imperfect world as we are broken ourselves 

Indeed the world may be broken, but I believe that we ourselves, as products of our environment, are suffering.  We are the products of our broken world and as such, our hearts have been shattered by our experiences in our society.  This is one of the reasons why there are so much fractures of our society.  There is simply so much brokenness in our lives and we have no other venue to express ourselves.

I believe that the first step to mend our broken society is to fix ourselves.  Our society will not get better unless we live positive and meaningful lives.  But we must mend the broken pieces in our hearts before we can help others and create change.   In other words, we must have one full jar of water ourselves before we can share what we have with others.  To do this, we must learn to be positive and inspire others by example.


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