On relationships: What do guys look for in a girl? (Part 5)

Disclaimer: I don’t speak for all guys.  This is only what I think some guys might look for in a girl.

Every guy has different tastes.  As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  There is no perfect man or woman and it’s definitely not my intention to define a “perfect woman.”  I believe the only “perfect woman” is an imperfect one who is perfected by a man who treasures her imperfections.  Having said that, the purpose of this post is to facilitate discussion and help both sexes try to better understand each other.  But at the very least, I hope this will be an interesting read.


Let’s not kid ourselves.  Looks are important.  It’s not the most important, but it is important.  Studies show that we often judge a person based on the first few minutes of meeting.  First impressions matter.  Society also tells us that powerful men have beautiful wives.  But that’s not the full picture (as explained below).  Yes, a man should look for a woman who’s presentable.  A presentable woman will inevitably push her man to also become presentable.  But no need for her to be super pretty (or many other men will chase her).


Behind every powerful man is actually an intelligent woman.  She is the one who wields true power and is the brain behind the scenes.  In my experience, women who appear intelligent are never actually intelligent.  But women who appear not so intelligent are usually more intelligent than they seem.  What I mean is that the most intelligent women hide their intelligence.  And those who try so hard to prove their intelligence are usually not so.  Smart women pretend to be stupid in front of men, because men are actually stupid.


What good is a beautiful and intelligent woman if she’s not yours?  Loyalty makes up for almost all of her flaws.  Loyalty means she will always be there for her man when he needs her.  When he falls, she stands by him and pick him up.  And when he gets back on his feet, she pushes him above and beyond where he was before.  This is the ideal woman who knows how to protect her investment.  She buy low and let her investment rise in value and earn dividends.  There will always be fluctuations but she stands by him and reaps her harvests.


This is actually more important than intelligence.  Having intelligence but a selfish heart will only cause hardships.  Because she probably won’t think of her man’s consequences if she’s only thinking for herself.  If she has a kind heart, she will always make the righteous decision even if she may not be as smart as you.  Kindness makes the world a better place and a girl who’s kind will make her man’s  life a lot better than one who isn’t.  A smart but selfish girl will probably cause more trouble for the guy than he can imagine.


Honesty is the foundation of a great relationship.  No one is perfect but even if she’s wrong, she will be forgiven if she’s honest about her mistakes.  This goes hand in hand with trust.  A man cannot trust a woman who he thinks is dishonest.  Honesty is also a sign of respect.  If the girl respects her man, she will give him the courtesy of being honest, even if what she says isn’t what he wants to hear.  Because a man will more often than not understand.  A man rather hears the honest answer than the “right” answer.


No one’s perfect.  Certainly not us men.  We all have many flaws and more often than not our other halves will need to be patient when we’re not.  It’s difficult to be a woman but what we really look for is someone who’s willing to put up with us and all our flaws. We do try to be patient but our testosterone makes it difficult at times, because we have to be ready to fight (in the commercial world) at a moment’s notice.  It’s just our DNA to be hunters.  We need someone who has the heart and patience to nurture our children when we’re out hunting.

The above are just a few things a man might look for.  Different men look for different types of women.  Some put more weight on looks, others on intelligence.  They are subject to give and take, depending on the particular values of the guy.  But in any case, I hope ladies should keep these traits in mind.  So, when the right man comes into your life, you will know what he may be looking for.  No one is perfect, and men certainly don’t expect to find someone perfect.  But a girl who knows her strengths and weaknesses will be a very attractive woman.


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