Godfrey’s musings: I’m sorry for being selfish (Part 4)

There is one thing that I must confess: I’m selfish and I’m sorry.  This morning as I was reflecting on a number of social issues which I should write about next, I thought about what is wrong with today’s youth (which invariably includes myself).  The first thing I thought was lack of compassion.  However, the problem is that this was simply a criticism on the part of others.  But what I really should be doing is not criticising others, but myself.  Otherwise, I would be no better than the people whom I’m suggesting to be wrong.

Our generation is one of entitlement

Many of us in our generation are the beneficiaries of Hong Kong’s growth from the 1970’s to the 1990’s.  We are the offspring of Hong Kong’s economic miracle, which has transformed Hong Kong into a world city.  As a consequence of this, we are often given the very best by our parents, because they want to give us things which they have never had when they were children.  Over time, I came to feel entitled to everything that I’ve been given.  This is so, even though they are products of my parents’ hard work, and not mine.

Self-reflection before criticising others

Upon some self-reflection, I came a better idea of what has become of our generation – and much of this is my own doing.  Who am I to criticise others for lack of compassion when I should be the one being compassionate for others?  Rather than saying how the world is so wrong, it is my duty to set an example and do what’s right.  To be compassionate, I must be understanding and appreciative of others, even if I may disagree with them.  Criticism is the direct opposite.  I could not have been more wrong.

Criticism gets me nowhere if I do nothing

Watching the news, criticisms are what I see from all aspects of our society.  Basically, we have everyone saying that everything is wrong.  But if everything is so wrong, why am I not setting an example by doing what’s right?  After all, this was one of the reasons why I started this blog in the first place – for us figure out together what should be done in our society to make things right.  It’s easy to pick out flaws and break things apart.  But once you break them apart, it’s very difficult to glue them back together, piece by piece.

This is a self-reminder for myself to be critical of myself, first and foremost, before I be critical of others.  When things go wrong, it is very easy to criticise others.  But this is self-centred and not conducive to making things work in our society.  This only causes further animosity.  Let’s not forget that it’s very difficult to do things right in the first place.  So, I’m asking you this – if you see me being critical of others, please give me a friendly reminder.  Write me, message me, call me, or give me a tap on the shoulder – kindly tell me to fix myself, before I try to fix others.


One thought on “Godfrey’s musings: I’m sorry for being selfish (Part 4)

  1. It’s very true! I sure will let u know. Being critical as u r, I am afraid it’s going to be a never ending task 😱


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