Godfrey’s musings: Men should know how to cook (Part 3)

The harsh reality is this – man can no longer rely on woman to do all the cooking.  In our parents’ generation, there are still many housewives or working mothers who after work do grocery shopping and cook dinner for the family.  Nowadays, as we boys grow up as men, we can no longer expect our mothers, our girlfriends or our wives to cook for us.  I see that many are hiring domestic helpers to do the cooking.  But not everyone could (or want to) hire a domestic helper.  Nonetheless, there is no excuse for not knowing how to cook.

Cooking your own food is much healthier than eating out

Regardless, the modern man cooks.  He doesn’t need to be a particularly good cook.  But he does his grocery shopping, and cooks what he buys.  Eating out is really not a preferable option because it is simply not healthy – you are consuming all that sodium, MSG, sugar, and worst of all, gutter oil.  It might taste good temporarily, but after eating it, your body doesn’t feel so good (and sometimes you just don’t know it yet).  Eating out kills you.  It’s much preferable to buy fresh produce and meats and cook a simple dinner that is healthy and well-balanced.

Doing grocery shopping gives you time to think

Do your shopping alone.  It will give you time to think.  Which one is the best tomato?  Should I buy broccoli or carrots?  Or both?  And baby corn?  Yes, I’ll take them all, thank you.  And then the meats – you get to learn how much meats cost, and how the prices fluctuate over time.  There were times when pork was so expensive because much of our fresh pork are imported from China and the RMB was “over-valued”.  You learn these things from doing grocery shopping.  Most importantly, you know what you will be eating.

Cooking is a romantic activity for couples

If you have a girlfriend (or boyfriend) or if you’re married, cooking is romantic.  First of all, you and your other half have to figure out what you want to eat – and you will need to do shopping together.  At shopping you will need to decide your ingredients, and choose them together.  Cooking is like a DIY project which requires teamwork.  You wash the tomatoes whilst I cut the onions.  There is nothing more romantic than creating a meal together and then eat it.  Through cooking together, you develop a strong rapport with your other half.

Cooking may not always save you money, but it will save your body

I actually spend more money doing grocery shopping than I would if I were to eat out.  Why?  Because when I’m doing grocery shopping, I always buy the best produce and meats as I know that they are going into my body.  Thus, I will inevitably spend more money on groceries than if I were to go out for dinner.  Now, you can just imagine what kind of cheap ingredients they are putting into our bodies when we are eating outside.  If the restaurant can charge this much, and still make a profit, you probably shouldn’t eat it.

Cooking is a liberating force, giving you independence from others

Finally, being able to cook for yourself allows you to be independent from others.  You no longer need to rely on other people, be it your mother, girlfriend, wife, domestic helper, or cooks at restaurants, to survive.  You can actually control what you put into your body.  For working people, you might say that you just don’t have enough time to cook.  Granted, you might get off late on weekdays.  But what about weekends?  I’m sure you can skip a movie or two, and do some cooking.  Your body will thank you for it.

In this day and age, men no longer have reason not knowing how to cook.  We need to cook to not only survive, but as a way to maintain quality control of what we are putting into our bodies.  Letting other people do our cooking is simply putting your own health into the hands of others.  Especially when you’re eating outside, you would never know what you’re eating.  Don’t let other people control what to put into your body.  Learning how to cook is learning how to control your own destiny.


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