Little Hong Kong: We are all “香港仔” (HongKonger) (Part 1)

Hong Kong has become an increasingly divided society

Since I have started this blog, many have asked me why I have still not written on Hong Kong’s more sensitive sociopolitical issues.  Indeed, Hong Kong is plagued by political strife.  In the past decade, Hong Kong has become an increasingly divided society.  After all, it is the social ills in our society which had prompted me to start writing this blog to focus on “Hong Kong issues” and what we can do together to make Hong Kong a better place.

We can no longer avoid facing our problems

We can no longer avoid those social problems rampant in our society and I can no longer avoid talking about sensitive issues.  I know that I cannot change Hong Kong alone, but what I can do is to give some thoughts on certain issues, and with your input, we can all try figuring out ways to make Hong Kong just a tad bit better and life a little more bearable, a little at a time.  I cannot change the world, but with some creativity, I hope to share some new ideas about what we can do.  We can all use some creativity to try make things work.

We need to stand together as HongKongers

Making Hong Kong a better place would inevitably require uniting Hong Kong amidst the political divide.  We need to stand together in the face of adversity.  But it would require us figuring out what it means to be a “HongKonger” first.  So what does it mean to be a HongKonger?  We need to really re-think for ourselves what it means for us to live in this society.  Once we have a better sense of what it means for us to live here, we may be in a better position to think of what we can or should do to make Hong Kong the way we want it to be.

We are all 香港仔

I wish to call this section Little Hong Kong, the English transliteration of “香港仔” in Chinese.  “香港仔” (literally “Little Hong Kong,” or “Son of Hong Kong”) is the Chinese name for Aberdeen, Hong Kong.  More importantly, we use this term as an endearing way to describe a local HongKonger.  A 香港仔 is someone who embodies the Hong Kong spirit.  What makes us HongKongers special is that we have a spirit of building something out of nothing.  This was how Hong Kong, once a fishing village in southern China, became what it is today.

We HongKongers prevail every time we face hardship

We HongKongers are a resilient people.  We faced British invasion in 1842.  We survived, and took advantage of our strategic location in China and turned Hong Kong into a trading hub.  We faced Japanese invasion in 1941 and four years of military occupation.  We survived, and we came to rebuild Hong Kong into a regional commercial powerhouse.  We faced the leftist riots in 1967.  We survived, and we came back to turn Hong Kong into an “Asian Tiger.”

History has taught us that the will of us HongKongers will always triumph in the face of hardship and adversity.  Every time we faced difficulties, we used our ingenuity and entrepreneurship spirit to make do with what we have.  Each time, we always end up becoming stronger than we were before.  Hong Kong will carry on.  We will prevail.


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